Terms of Use
If you "the applicant" order a bond from MassBond you certify the truth of all statements in the application and authorize any insurance company, hereinafter referred to as "the company and/or "as surety", chosen by MassBond to verify the information contained in the application and authorize the company to obtain information from any source in the course of their underwriting of your application.
Upon issuance of a surety bond to you agree:
  1. To pay the premium, including all renewal premiums, your credit card will not be automatically charged for any renewal premiums, you will receive notice of any renewal
  2. To completely indemnify the company from and against any liability, loss, cost, attorney's fees and expenses whatsoever which the company shall at any time sustain as surety or because of having been surety on the bond issued for the applicant, or for the enforcement of this agreement.
  3. Upon demand by the company for any reason whatsoever, to deposit current funds with the company in an amount sufficient to satisfy any claim against the company because of having executed a bond in favor of the applicant.
  4. That the company shall have the right to handle or settle any claim or suit arising out of its issuance of a bond for the applicant. An itemized statement of loss and expense incurred by the company, sworn to be an officer of the company, shall be prima facie evidence of the fact and extend of the liability of the applicant to the company.
  5. That the company may decline to become surety on any bond and may cancel or amend any bond issued for the applicant without cause and without liability, which might arise from that place.
  6. That upon renewal the company shall, without notice, have the right to alter the penalty, terms, and conditions of any bond issued for the applicant and that these terms of use shall apply to any such altered bond. The applicant has the right to decline issuance of the renewal on the altered terms before issuance of the altered bond.
  7. That the applicant can terminate future liability under this agreement concerning future bonds upon written notice to United Casualty and Surety Insurance Company 292 Newbury St Box 105, Boston, MA 02115. Written notice shall not effect the liability for bonds issued before our receipt of any notice.
  8. All payments are fully earned at the time of application and/or bond issue.