Real Estate Broker Bond

About Real Estate Broker Bond

This bond guarantees to the public that the principal (real estate agent) understands and agrees to follow all Massachusetts laws and regulations defined under their real estate license over the course of business. Due to the fact that real estate agents handle high-value assets and monetary transactions for their clients, this bond is an important measure of trust and safety. In addition to proper handling of money and assets, this bond asserts that the agent will protect their client against fraud throughout the real estate transaction process.

Details About This Bond

A Real Estate Broker Bond is required in many states before you are able to apply for a real estate broker license. This is an Instant Issue bond, meaning that once you submit your application and payment, we can file your bond immediately. There is no credit check and no underwriting.

A Real Estate Broker surety bond guarantees to the public that the principal (real estate agent or agency) fully understands and agrees to follow all laws and regulations over the course of business. Real estate brokers handle money and property for clients, and this bond is an essential component of creating trust between broker and property owner. A bonded agent is legally bound by this bond to responsibly manage all funds and properties throughout the sales process.

Failure to adhere to the provisions laid out by the state, as well as the terms of your surety bond, can result in your surety revoking your bond. In addition, you may be liable for a claim against your bond, repayment to the damaged parties, fines and penalties, and/or loss of your Real Estate License. Avoid claims against your bonds, as these are marks against you and in addition to the aforementioned issues, will lead to problems during future surety bond applications.

Real Estate Broker Bonds for Massachusetts are issued instantly - meaning there is no credit check required for approval. Upon submission of your application and payment, we will issue it instantly. There are multiple delivery options available for your bond.

Bond Terms
Amount and Term
Starting at $5,000 for Six Years
Starting at $50 for Six Years
Issue Type
Instant Issue
Instant Issue Bolt

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Board of Registration

Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons

1000 Washington Street, Suite 710

Boston, MA 02118-2373

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General Questions

Why do I need a Real Estate Broker Bond?

Above all, an individual applying for a real estate broker license is required by the state of Massachusetts to get a real estate broker bond first. In addition, this bond acts as a signal to clients that you are trustworthy, with a promise and obligation to the state and individual that you will adhere to all Massachusetts real estate standards, statutes, and regulations.

This surety bond is an important tool for real estate brokers and salespersons, because it creates a second level of trust between the broker and client. Given that real estate brokers are trusted  to manage large amounts of money in escrow, mitigating risks and avoiding fraud, this bond adds security to the professional relationship.

How do I know if I need a Real Estate Broker Bond?

Massachusetts requires that any real estate agent applying for a license must obtain a real estate broker bond before licensure.

What should I do in the event of a claim against my Real Estate Broker Bond?

We advise that you explore all options to resolve any issue that could result in a claim before it is filed. If you are unable to do so, the surety will handle any remittance of damages to your client, at which point you will be liable for full repayment to the surety. In addition, a claim is a mark against the broker and could interfere with license renewals, not to mention the outward reputation of the broker and associated agency.  Read more about wrongful claims below.

What if I have a false claim against my bond?

If you feel the claim is false or exaggerated, your surety will complete all due diligence and deny the claim. In this case, you can continue your business as usual. Claims that are found to be invalid against your bond will have no effect on your licensure, bond, or business operations.

How can I avoid claims filed against my Real Estate Broker Bond?

It should be a top priority to avoid claims against your real estate broker bond at all costs. If a claim is filed, the principal is obligated to reimburse the surety for the entire amount that was paid out. If there is an issue that may result in a claim, it is advised that the bond-holder do whatever they can to resolve the issue before this becomes the case. Your surety bond is a promise to fulfill your obligations and duties, as well as follow the law. A claim against this bond indicates that the bond-holder knowingly and intentionally violated this agreement. If you are operating in compliance with this agreement, the potential claim may stem from a miscommunication with a client. It is very important to clear up this miscommunication before the claim is submitted.

Application Questions

Do I need a broker identification number?

If you are a new broker, you will receive your identification number upon passing the exam. If you already have an ID number, please include it in your application.

Is it difficult to get a Real Estate Broker Bond in Massachusetts?

Through, getting your Massachusetts real estate broker bond is fast and simple. Instant issue bonds require you to submit your application and finalize your payment, at which time you will be instantly bonded.

What information do I need to provide in my application for a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker bond?

As with all Instant Issue bonds, we only require some basic information and your payment. We do not need to do a credit check for a Real Estate Broker Bond.

How do I renew my Real Estate Broker License?

To renew your Massachusetts Real Estate Broker license, simply complete the online form at

Financial Questions

How much does a Real Estate Broker Bond cost?

The bond amount for a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker Bond is $5,000 for a six year term. You are required to pay a premium for this bond. The premium for a Massachusetts Real Estate Broker Bond is $50 for the six year term.

How is my bond premium calculated?

A Massachusetts Real Estate Broker Bond has a flat premium of $50, which covers the entire 6-year term of the bond.

Can I get a Real Estate Broker bond with bad credit?

Yes! Since a real estate broker bond has a set term and premium, you are only required to cover the premium and do not require a credit check.

How do I get the best rate for a Real Estate Broker bond in Massachusetts?

All Instant-Issue bonds through are covered by our guarantee of the lowest available price.