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Private Detective Bond

About Private Detective Bonds

Most states require a Private Detective surety bond for any individual wishing to operate as a private detective, private guard, or private investigator. A private detective bond acts as a guarantee that the bondholder is licensed, understands and complies with state law, cooperates with government agencies, and more. This bond is also known as a “private investigator bond” or “watch guard bond.”

This surety bond is a guarantee that the bondholder understands and agrees to comply with all provisions and regulations set forth by Section 25, Chapter 147 of the General Laws of Massachusetts: License; disqualification of convicts; duration; posting; the name of licensee and approval; renewal and revocation. Failing to adhere to these provisions is grounds for a claim against your bond, financial repayment to damaged parties, and potential loss of license to operate as a private investigator in the state of Massachusetts.

In the event of a claim against your Massachusetts Private Investigator Bond, your surety will investigate. If found to be legitimate, your surety will pay all damages to the obligee or injured parties, at which point you are responsible for repayment to the surety. Avoid claims against your bond, as these are marks against your “credit,” and will lead to issues during future surety bond applications. issues Private Investigator Bonds instantly. There is no credit check or underwriting, meaning that we will issue your bond as soon as you complete your application and submit payment.

General Questions
What is a Private Detective Bond? 
What is a Private Detective Bond?

A private detective bond is a surety bond between the state of Massachusetts, the Principal (investigator or detective agency) and the surety company. The bond is a guarantee that the Principal understands and will comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to private investigation, will cooperate with government agencies, and will not defraud customers, violate privacy agreements, or act to obstruct judicial procedures.

How do I know if I need a Private Detective Bond? What should I do in the event of a claim against my Private Detective Bond? What if I have a false claim against my bond? How can I avoid claims against my a Private Detective Bond? 
Application Questions
Is it difficult to get a Private Investigator Bond? 
Is it difficult to get a Private Investigator Bond?

The private investigator bond is an Instant Issue bond, meaning that it is issued as soon as you submit your application and payment. This bond does not require underwriting.

Why do I need a Private Investigator Bond? Who is the obligee for my a Private Investigator Bond?