New York Certificate of Title Bond

How do I obtain a bonded title?

We recommend contacting the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure you meet all requirements before purchasing a bond with Self Service Surety. It is your responsibility to follow New York State Department of Motor Vehicles directions prior to purchasing a bond. For convenience we have summarized some critical steps here:

  1. Attempt to obtain proof of ownership. In order to do so, you should send certified letters to the person that sold you the vehicle and/or the last known owner. You will need to save and submit the reply or unopened undeliverable letter to the DMV.
  2. Collect the following documents and bring them all to a New York State DMV office: The returned certified letter(s) in their envelope, unopened, A pencil tracing, photo or police statement showing the vehicle identification number, A notarized affidavit explaining how you obtained the vehicle and how you attempted to obtain proof of ownership, Other documents that are evidence of ownership, including a bill of sale, old registration documents, or a cancelled check for payment, A completed statement of ownership.
  3. Either prior to visiting the DMV or while there, Complete your Vehicle Registration / Title Application and request that they provide a fair market value for your vehicle.
  4. Return to, click the “ORDER BOND” button, and complete your purchase online. The required bond amount will be 1.5 times the vehicle’s value as determined by the DMV. We will mail you the bond.
  5. Bring the bond to your local DMV office and complete your bonded title application.

Obtaining a bonded title can be an involved and complicated process. When in doubt, contact the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and discuss your questions with a representative.

Who needs a New York State title bond?

If you purchase or otherwise receive a motor vehicle with a lost or improperly assigned title, a title bond is required to establish your ownership of the car and to register your vehicle. It is best to call the DMV directly to ensure that your unique case requires and is eligible for a title bond.

Why are title bonds required?

A title bond ensures that compensation is available to individuals who subsequently come forward as rightful owner of the vehicle. A rightful owner that comes forward prior to the bond’s expiration may be entitled to compensation up to the full penalty amount of the bond. After the bond’s expiration, the title is considered clean and no further claims can be made. New York State Bonded Titles expire after 3 years, at which point you can apply for the “bonded” brand to be removed.

Bond Terms
New York
Amount and Term
Starting at $1,000 for Three Years
Starting at $100 for Three Years
Issue Type
Instant Issue
Instant Issue Bolt

State of New York

Department of Motor Vehicles

6 Empire State Plaza

Albany, NY 12228

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What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a three-party agreement among a principal, an obligee, and a surety.

The bond formalizes the principal's obligation to the obligee. The surety guarantees that the principal will fulfill their obligation.

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