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Montana Medical Care Discount Card Supplier Bond

Who needs a Montana Medical Care Discount Card Supplier Bond?

A medical discount card supplier may not market, promote, sell or distribute discount cards unless the supplier holds a Certificate of Registration. The Certificate of Registration is issued by the Commissioner of Securities & Insurance. Pursuant to Montana Code 33-38-106, a surety bond is one of two options available to meet Certificate of Registration financial responsibility requirements.

How do I know this is the bond I need?

Certain suppliers may qualify for exemptions. Contact the Commissioner of Insurance with any questions about your specific case.

General Questions
What is a surety bond? 
What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a three-party agreement among a principal, an obligee, and a surety.

The bond formalizes the principal's obligation to the obligee. The surety guarantees that the principal will fulfill their obligation.