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About Constable Bonds

A constable bond is a public official surety bond, required before a duly sworn municipal constable can serve or execute civil processes within the city or town in which they were appointed or elected. A surety bond guarantees to the public that a municipal constable will perform their duties lawfully and responsibly, manage public funds properly, and assist law enforcement officials as requested, or as required by law.

A Massachusetts Constable is a sworn peace officer who serves for a municipality. These duties consist of serving judicial processes in their assigned jurisdiction, as well as a series of other duties as may be assigned in their jurisdiction.

The Massachusetts Constable Bond issued by United Casualty and Surety Insurance Company is an Instant-Issue bond, meaning that there is no credit check required, and can be issued instantaneously upon completion of your application and submission of payment.

In Massachusetts a public official surety bond (in this case a constable bond) in the amount of $5,000 is required for a municipal constable to be able to serve or execute any kind of civil process within his or her jurisdiction where the amount of damages does not exceed $7,000.

Once a Constable Bond is issued by the surety it must be personally signed by the constable, witnessed, and then filed by the constable with the city or town clerk of the municipality named in the bond. Until these steps are taken a constable may not legally serve or execute any civil process within a city or town in which either elected or appointed.

It is important to avoid claims against your Municipal Constable Bond. You should be aware of, understand, and be in compliance with any and all laws and regulations governing constables in Massachusetts.

A claim against your bond will be investigated by the surety. If the claim is deemed to be legitimate, the surety will pay damages up to, but not beyond the amount of the bond. If this should occur you are obligated to repay the surety in full for any damages paid on your behalf. A claim against your surety bond is like a mark of bad credit, and may likely create problems with any future applications to obtain surety bonding. Be sure of what you do before embarking on any official act to avoid any claims against your public official surety bond.

Bond Terms
Amount and Term
Starting at $5,000 for Three Years
Starting at $250 for Three Years
Issue Type
Instant Issue
Instant Issue Bolt

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General Questions

What is a Constable Bond?

A constable bond is a protective bond for the State of Massachusetts in the event that a constable fails to act legally or properly. This guarantee states that the surety company will cover any damages incurred as a result of a breach of contract, and will then pursue repayment from the Principal.

What is a Constable?

A constable and deputy are both peace officer, and while they both have similar duties, a constable is on a municipality level, while a deputy is on a county level. These duties consist serving judicial processes in their assigned jurisdiction.

How can I apply to be a Massachusetts Constable?

If the applicant has less than three years experience as a Constable, Massachusetts requires a certificate of completion for a Constable training course. With this experience or certificate, you can then apply for your Constable License through your municipality. Your Constable Bond is the final step in the process to becoming a full Constable. You must get references from four reputable citizens of your municipality, as well as a fifth reference from a BAR certified attorney. You must prove residence in the municipality you are applying to become a constable - do this with a utility bill, bank statement, or voter registration, as well as a drivers license linked to your current address, and birth certificate.

Once you have completed the application process for becoming a constable through your locality, you may apply for your Constable Bond at This is an instant bond, meaning that as soon as you submit your application and payment, we will issue and mail your Constable Bond.

How do I know if I need a Constable Bond?

If you are applying to become a Constable in the state of Massachusetts, you are required to submit proof of your Constable surety bond alongside your application.

What should I do in the event of a claim against my Constable Bond?

We advise that you explore all options to resolve any issue that could result in a claim before it is filed. If you are unable to do so, the surety will handle any remittance of damages to your client, at which point you will be liable for full repayment to the surety. In addition, a claim is a mark against the broker and could interfere with license renewals, not to mention the outward reputation of the broker and associated agency.  Read more about wrongful claims below.

What if I have a false claim against my bond?

If you feel the claim is false or exaggerated, your surety will complete all due diligence and deny the claim. In this case, you can continue your business as usual. Claims that are found to be invalid against your bond will have no effect on your licensure, bond, or business operations.

How can I avoid claims against my a Constable Bond?

It should be a top priority to avoid claims against your bond at all costs. If a claim is filed, the principal is obligated to reimburse the surety for the entire amount that was paid out. If there is an issue that may result in a claim, it is advised that the bond-holder do whatever they can to resolve the issue before this becomes the case. Your surety bond is a promise to fulfill your obligations and duties, as well as follow the law. A claim against this bond indicates that the bond-holder knowingly and intentionally violated this agreement. If you are operating in compliance with this agreement, the potential claim may stem from a miscommunication with a client. It is very important to clear up this miscommunication before the claim is submitted. The Principal is legally responsible for all valid claims submitted against them.

Your surety will give you the chance to resolve the claim. If you fail to resolve the claim, your surety will issue repayment, and you will be obliged to reimburse the surety for damages.

Application Questions

Is it difficult to get a Constable Bond?

Getting your Massachusetts constable bond is fast and simple. There is no credit check or underwriting, meaning after you fill out your application and submit payment, we will instantly issue your bond.

Why do I need a Constable Bond?

You are required to submit proof of a constable bond alongside your application to become a Massachusetts Constable. You will be required to renew your constable bond each year.

What information do I need to provide in my application for a Constable Bond?

This Instant Issue Constable Bond requires your basic information such as name, address, and contact info the bond is in favor of, bond term (1 or 3 years), effective date, and payment information. Upon completion, your bond will be instantly issued.

How long will it take for me to get my a Constable Bond?

MassBond constable bonds are Instant Issue, meaning they are issued as soon as you submit your application and payment. There are multiple shipping options available on checkout.

Who is the Obligee for my Constable Bond?

The obligee of your Constable Bond depends on the municipality you are applying to become a Constable in.

Financial Questions

How much does a Constable Bond cost?

A Massachusetts Constable bond premium is $250 for three years.

Can I get a Constable Bond with bad credit?

Instant Issue constable bonds do not require underwriting, and therefore do not require credit checks.

How is my bond premium calculated?

Constable bond premiums have a set rate.